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The Alpacas

Chris and Kelsey's alpacas make frequent visits to Stardust Farm's social media pages. Get to know them a bit more here!

Ellie Mae 
Birthday: May 6, 2017

Ellie is Kelsey's first alpaca, the alpaca that started it all. Ellie is social, inquistive, and loves eating treats out of your hand. Ellie is expecting a cria late fall 2024. 

Birthday: May 22, 2023

Harvey was the first cria (baby alpaca) born at Kelsey's house. He has an adorable smile and silly personality. Harvey was born with a genetic condition known as anal atresia which means that he was born without a butthole. Harvey spent his first week of life at the University of Minnesota Large Animal Hospital, and his comfort with humans as a result shows. He loves children, racing around the pasture, and pulling Kelsey’s scrunchies out of her hair.

Birthday: July 23, 2023

Iris can best be described as gently inquisitive. Iris loves to give "kisses" by gently booping everything she sees. Iris can frequently be seen playing with Harvey in the pasture or snuggling next to her mom, Liberty.

Birthday: July 18, 2021

When Chris and I went to pick up Lani from Plumeria Alpaca Ranch, we met Kona and fell in love. Her sweet personality and beautiful coloring ensured that she would be accompanying Lani back to our farm. 

Birthday: August 7, 2022

A talkative girl who exudes strength as big as her fluffy cheeks, that’s Lani. When greeting you, Lani “clicks” as she pushes in close, sometimes even having a conversation by clicking back and forth with you. Lani has a beautiful stature and looks almost regal as she pronks around the pasture with Harvey and Iris, but usually you’ll find her keeping Kona company or standing watch at the fence, always on the lookout for Kelsey's dogs.

Birthday: June 14, 2010

Liberty is Iris’ mom and one of Kelsey's first three alpacas. Liberty is stubborn and strong-willed, character traits that can be both difficult and endearing. Liberty never hesitates to put up a boundary when she wants space, but food is always the key to her heart. Liberty is an incredibly easy-going mom. She even let Harvey nurse from her!

Birthday: July 29, 2014

Pilar is Harvey’s mom and one of Chris and Kelsey's first three alpacas.  Pilar is a sweet girl and loves to eat the freshly fallen snow, although her favorite snack is fresh clover.

The bunnies

As an easy going, incredibly soft animal, these bunnies are wonderful for a soothing sensory experience. They have travelled around the metro area to visit with folks and have plans for even more travel in the future. They can't wait to meet you!  

The chickens


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